Pittsburgh Steelers Made A Statement On Monday Night Football At Heinz Field.

Mason Rudolph was brilliant in the Monday Night Football Game at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh against the Cincinnati Bengals 27-3. Mason threw 2 TD passes in this big game for Head Coach Mike Tomlin. James Conner scored on one on a Screen Pass from Mason in the 2nd Quarter & hit a 43 yard pass to Diontae Johnson in the 3rd Quarter. Jaylen Samuels ran from 2 yards out in the 3rd Quarter. Chris Boswell made 2 FG’s in the this one. Defense made a big statement in this contest & held Cincinnati to 3 points in the victory at home. Mason Rudolph ran the Offense to perfection & getting there 1st victory of the 2019 season. Best game they played in so far. Happy with the win on Monday Night Football. Not satisfied with the win. Still got to go out & compete with the best of them each & every week for them to go to the Playoffs in 2019. Got to get better each & everyday for them to get in the playoffs in 2019. Got a big one coming up on Sunday against another rivalry the Baltimore Ravens. Not going to be a easy one at all. Still got to go out & work on some things going forward to the Baltimore Ravens Showdown this coming Sunday. Got to keep your composure & do the right things for the team to be successful down the road for the Pittsburgh Steelers to be where they want to be at end of the season. They lost 2 closed games to the NFC West Divisional Teams. Seattle at home in Week 2 & San Francisco on the road in Week 3. Ben Roethlisberger got hurt in the Seattle game at home in Week 2. Mason almost led them to a comeback & they lost that game at home. Lost by 4 points on the road in Week 3 against the San Francisco 49ers. Didn’t play against the New England Patriots in the opener on Sunday Night Football at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA 33-3. Mason has replaced Ben Roethlisberger very well at QB. They have a good relationship together already now. Doing very well to help Mason Rudolph be successful down the road for the Pittsburgh Steelers at QB in 2019. Mike Tomlin has confidence with Mason Rudolph to help out the team to be successful for the Steelers. Defense has to play like that for the rest of the season.

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