Jimmy Garoppolo Is Off Too A Good Start At QB For The 2019 San Francisco 49ers Football Team.

Jimmy Garoppolo is off too a good start at QB for the 2019 San Francisco 49ers Football Team for 3rd Year Head Coach Kyle Shanahan. Off too a 4-0 start in 2019. He was injured a year ago with a ACL Injury with his Knee he suffered early on in the season. End of the 2017 season for Jimmy Garoppolo in December they went on a 4-game winning streak & finish the season at 6-10 overall record. He was with the New England Patriots for early part of the 2017 season & then he got traded to the San Francisco 49ers. Learn a lot from Tom Brady & Head Coach Bill Belichick during his tenure at QB in Foxboro. Now, he is becoming a good QB for the San Francisco 49ers now. Overcome with his ACL Knee Injury he suffered early on of the season. He is healthy now in 2019. 4-0 to start the season. Last time they went 4-0 was in 1990. Jimmy went to Eastern Illinois University. He was a star QB during that time period. Tony Romo former Dallas Cowboys QB played at Eastern Illinois University also too. He is a Football Analyst with Jim Nantz on CBS right now. San Francisco 49ers where one of the my most improved teams in the 2019 NFL season. It is looking that way so far so good. Kyle Shanahan is blessed to have Jimmy Garoppolo back at QB in 2019. It is one of Kyle Shanahan’s favorite players right now. Jimmy stays healthy for the rest of the season at QB. San Francisco 49ers will be in NFC Playoffs. They got a big one coming on Sunday. They take on the Los Angeles Rams on the road at 4:05 PM in Los Angeles, CA on FOX. It is a big West Divisional Football for both teams. NFC West Division is tough also too. Seattle Seahawks is not going to be a easy one at all & so is the Los Angeles Rams too. Those 3 teams will be in the race in the 2019 NFC West Divisional Title. San Francisco 49ers is one of the most improved teams in the NFL so far in the early part of the year. Kyle Shanahan is going to be a candidate for Coach of the Year Award watch in the 2019 NFL Season. What he is doing with the San Francisco 49ers in 2019. They gotta keep playing good Football. Jimmy Garoppolo is the key for being successful also too. Candidate To Be 2019 NFL Comeback Player Of The Year Award. Stay healthy & there be a winning team in 2019. Working hard in the offseason & carry that over to the regular season in practices & games. Loves to play with the best of them. Got a good attitude & also a good work ethic. Make everyone around him better for the 49ers. Having a good desire to guide the team to be successful down the road. Players have love playing for Jimmy Garoppolo already now in San Francisco. Like they did with the New England Patriots also too. Let the game come to you. Make things count & help the team be successful on & off the playing field. Jimmy Garoppolo is a good leader for Head Coach Kyle Shanahan. Defense is doing there job also too.

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