Harbor Beach Pirates Volleyball Team Won The GTCE Division Title On Tuesday Night In Sandusky.

I told Stephanie Weiss one night at Benchwarmers in Sandusky. This is the year to be 2019 GTCE Division Champions in Volleyball for the Harbor Beach Pirates. It is already now. They did that one on Tuesday Night at Mark S. Hund Gymnasium & Al DeMott Court in Sandusky HS. Beat the struggling Sandusky Redskins 3-0. Stephanie had her 2 best players back from the 2018 squad that finish 2nd in the GTCE Division behind the 6-time Defending GTCE Division Champions the Brown City Green Devils. Amber Pleiness & Makayla Roberts have done a good job leading the Harbor Beach Pirates Volleyball Team to a good season so far. 10-0 in GTCE Division Crown. Kathryn Ocomen, Claire Woodke, Kirsten Stein, Jenna Guza, Katrina Gentner back from the 2018 squad. They lost 3 good role players to Graduation in the 2019 Class at Harbor Beach HS. Alyssa Guza which was there 3rd best player on the team a year ago. Grace Weber & Hailey Pfaff good role players off the bench also too. They got some good newcomers on the squad already now. Kenzie Knoblock, Maya Pfaff, Taryn Arntz, Leandra Wolschleger there all Juniors right now. They played JV Volleyball a year ago. There good role players for Head Coach Stephanie Weiss in 2019. There 17-4-4 on the season. You got to keep on going for more in the regular season. Got the League title already now. Last time they did this was in the winter of 1979. Was the last time they won a League Title for the Harbor Beach Pirates Volleyball Team. Stephanie Weiss has done a fantastic job in the rebuilding department already now. Players have bought into her system now. She is good thing going for them anyways. Building a good foundation & program in Harbor Beach. She is got a good JV Coach in Taylor White right now. She is doing a good job with JV Squad once again in 2019. Players have done a good job following her instructions & trusting there skills in the offseason & also into summer Volleyball in July. Carried that onto the Fall now. They got a brutal Division 3 District coming up in a few more weeks from at Bad Axe HS. USA Patriots, Cass City Red Hawks, & The Host The Bad Axe Hatchets. USA in the opening round of the Division 3 District Matchup. Not going to be a easy one at all. Grace Williamson is back from hip injury she suffered in the Track & Field Regionals in Marlette in May. Still got to stay focus & do the job no matter what. Go out & come compete each & everyday in practices & games period.

Congratulations To Head Coach Stephanie Weiss On Being GTCE Division Champions In 2019 For The Harbor Beach Pirates Volleyball Team.

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