Matt Carlson Is The Most Underrated QB In The GTCE Division & Also In Sanilac County For The Sandusky Redskins Football Team.

Matt Carlson has been impressive at QB for the 2019 Sandusky Redskins Football Team. Worked very hard in the off-season on his throwing mechanics. Seeing that one in the regular season. He is a good runner also too. Threw a TD pass to Delorrin Wedge in the 2nd Quarter. Ran for another one in the 4th Quarter last week on Military Appreciation Night at Woodward Field & Wayne Roberts Track & Field in Sandusky against the Harbor Beach Pirates. Matt is the most underrated QB in the Whole GTCE Division & also in Sanilac County. Good student in the classroom & also in Football & Basketball. Craig Jacobson is blessed to have Matt Carlson as there starting QB in 2019 as a Junior. Got one year left to be there starting QB in 2020. Look for more good things out of Matt Carlson in the Bad Axe at home on Friday Night & also in the Division 7 Playoffs if they go or not. Showing me good improvements & understanding what he has to do for the team to be successful down the road. Good core of 2021 class he is on right now at Sandusky High School.

Go Sandusky Redskins Football Team Matt Carlson……

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