Grace Williamson Has Comeback Very Nicely From Her Hip Injury.

Grace Williamson has comeback very well from her hip injury she suffered in the Division 4 Track & Field Regionals at Marlette in May. Grace is a dedicated all around Athlete. Hip surgery went very well. Got her back in time at the right time of the season. Head Coach Teresa Rose is blessed to have her on the Volleyball Team now. She couldn’t play in the beginning of the season. They got her back anyways. Good sign indeed. Hard worker in practices & games. She is a strong girl how skinny she is. Very very good leaper. She can jump above the net on the Volleyball Team. That is impressive for a 5’9 girl. Not easy to do out there. Incredible speed. Can’t coach that one too. She is a good Volleyball, Basketball, & Track & Field, & Softball Player. Saw the triple play in the Kalamazoo Christian Comets Division 4 State Championship Game to end the season the right way. Deflected off Brynn Polega right to Rylee Zimmer caught line drive & touch 2nd Base & threw to the 1st Base for a Triple Play. You don’t see that one at all. Unreal. Her cousin Jordan Bitzer was a Special Athlete for the USA Patriots Football, Basketball, & Baseball Team in 2002-06. Played on the best Sports Team in School History for the 2004 USA Patriots Football Team for Head Coach Tim Travis. He was a All-State Athlete in both years. Got the School Record for most Interceptions in a season with 16 of them in 2004. Stud QB for both years. Defense allowed 43 points on the scoreboard in 14 games they played in 2004. Unreal out there too. Grace other Lauren Adam playing College Basketball at Gardner-Webb University in North Carolina right now. That Adam Family is got awesome Athletes already now. Incredible to watch Grace Williamson Play Volleyball in 2019. She is a real Athlete. Best Female In The 2021 Class At USA HS Now. Love watching her play anyways.

Go USA Patriots Grace Williamson. Enjoyed Watching You Play 4 Sports In The 2021 Class At USA HS. You Do Very Well At All Of Them. Hard Working Lady Year Round….. Keep It Up & I Will See You Play For More. You Have Impressed Me Already Again. Keep On Coming For More…

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