Pete Carroll Has Done A Remarkable Job As Head Coach Of The 2019 Seattle Seahawks.
at Coliseum on August 28, 2014 in Oakland, California.

Pete Carroll has done his best Head Coaching Job for the 2019 Seattle Seahawks Football Team. 10-2 on the campaign. Having there stud QB Russell Wilson guiding the Offense. Having new faces at WR is helping Russell to build a good relationship in 2019. Good Running Game to along with the Passing Game. Scoring points in bunches & playing good Defense in the clutch times for the 2019 Seattle Seahawks. You don’t knew no superstars on the team anyways. You need team players instead. It leads to wins. Being successful at that department as well too. Playing good team ball. Playing assignments right. Trusting yourself, your teammates, & your coaches. Having a good bond together. Doing it the right way. Showing why, Seattle Seahawks are a good team once again in 2019. Pete Carroll is a good NFL Head Coach. Having a good group of guys care about one another. Good Balance Offense With The Run & Pass Play Option. RPO’s work also too in the College & now in the NFL. Going to be a good race in the NFC West Divisional Crown between the Seattle Seahawks & San Francisco 49ers. Both of them are 10-2 on the season. Seattle Beat San Francisco 3 Weeks Ago At Levi’s Stadium In Santa Clara, CA On Monday Night Football In Overtime. Pete Carroll is a good candidate to win NFL Coach of the Year Award in 2019. Kyle Shanahan is my guy to beat for the 2019 NFL Coach of the Year Award. What Kyle has done with the San Francisco 49ers all season long. They lost to the Baltimore Ravens at the end of regulation on Sunday in those lousy rain conditions on the road in Baltimore 20-17. Lost 2 games by 6 points all together in 2019 the San Francisco 49ers Football Team. Seattle lost both home games to New Orleans Saints & Baltimore Ravens. Both Playoff Teams In 2019.

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