Phil Parker Is One Of The Best Defensive Coordinators In B1G Conference Right Now.

Phil Parker is one of the best Defensive Coordinators in the B1G Conference for the Iowa Hawkeyes Football Team & Program for Head Coach Kirk Ferentz in Iowa City. Took over for Norm Parker in 2012. Phil gotten better & better each season as Defensive Coordinator. They have been a year in & year out a good Defensive Team for the Iowa Hawkeyes Football Team. Was Defensive Backs Coach before that one too. Developed them to be special also too. Top 10 in that category in the Interception Department. Good success with a lot of them already. Won the last 3 Bowl Appearances already now. Including the Holiday Bowl on December 28th, 2019 in San Diego, CA against the USC Trojans 45-24 victory. Defense Wins Games & Championships Period. They recruit 2-stars & 3-stars in there system Kirk Ferentz has for the Iowa Hawkeyes Football Team & Program. They developed them very well & be special players for the Iowa Hawkeyes & take them to the NFL & be special there once again. Phil is a good Defensive Coordinator in College Football & also in the B1G Conference. Iowa will be a good Defensive Team once again in 2020. They play good Defense there in Iowa. They know how to get it done once again. Do it in dignity & class. Go about your business each & every time down the road. Players buy into Phil Parker’s Defensive Minded Stuff every year for the Iowa Hawkeyes Football Team. They will be a good Defensive Team for sure. Top 10 Unit Also Too. B1G Conference Is Really Tough In Football. Play to your expectations need to be at all times. They do it the right way.

Go Iowa Hawkeyes Football Team & Defensive Coordinator Phil Parker………..

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