#SpeedInSpace Concept Out Of The Spread Offense For The 2020 Michigan Wolverines Football Team.

Josh Gattis knows he is a good QB away to being a Top 5 of Top 10 Team in College Football for the Michigan Wolverines on Offense in Ann Arbor. I saw what LSU Tigers did with there #SpeedInSpace Concept & Spread Offense in 2019-20 season. Be College Football Playoff National Champions & Go 15-0 On The Campaign. Score the most points on the scoreboard in College Football History with 720 points they scored on the scoreboard. LSU had good WR’s as well too. They also had a Elite QB in Joe Burrow be the 2019 Heisman Trophy Winner. Ohio State used there #SpeedInSpace Concept very well too out of the Spread Offense in 2019 with Head Coach Ryan Day. Went undefeated in B1G Conference Play. Score a lot of points on the scoreboard as well too. Justin Fields got comfortable with Ryan Day’s Offense in Columbus. Counted for 50 total TD’s in 2019. Be a Top 5 Offense in College Football too. Saw what Michigan did on Offense in the 2nd Half of the season in 2019. Score a lot of points on the scoreboard too. Michigan got comfortable with that new Offense during the course of the season came along too. Found there groove. Used there #SpeedInSpace Concept very well too. Shea Patterson hit Nico Collins for 73 yard TD reception on the road against the Indiana Hoosiers at Memorial Stadium in Bloomington, IN in the 3rd Quarter in a 39-14 route on November 23rd, 2019. Can Dylan McCaffrey or Joe Milton can break thru at QB for the Maize & Blue in 2020. Get us in the Top 5 or Top 10 in College Football this fall. We will find out & see. Jim Harbaugh & Josh Gattis’s Goal is to have a Top 5 or Top 10 Offense in College Football in 2020. Get this #SpeedInSpace Concept & Spread Offense going better in 2020 in Ann Arbor. Go where you left off in the 2nd Half of the season on Offense & take it to the beginning of the 2020 campaign. Clemson Tigers is had good success with the #SpeedInSpace Concept on Offense & so does the Alabama Crimson Tide as well too. Oklahoma Sooners has been good too. Michigan is a good QB away to being where we want to be at now. Saw improvements with the Offensive Line Department in the last 2 years. Got good RB’s, TE’s, & WR’s. You wanna have a good Offense get a Offensive Line to help out our QB play as well too.

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