Al Kaline Passed Away At The Age Of 85.
A 1967 photo of Al Kaline, outfielder for the Detroit Tigers. (AP Photo)

Al Kaline was the best Detroit Tigers all-around player in Organization History. Good Hitter & Player. They called him Mr. Detroit Tigers Baseball. He was amazing guy as well too. Also the best TV MLB Broadcaster on Detroit Tigers Baseball on Channel 4 with George Kell in the past years. Love listening to Al Kaline & George Kell on TV when I was growing up in School. He had a good mind of that one too. Knew what he was talking about. Well liked by the Fans, Teammates, Players on the Team, Managers & Coaches. Did amazing things for this organization. Passed away on Monday at the age of 85. Going to live in a great place for now on playing Baseball & Broadcasting Games on TV with George Kell for now on. Legendary Detroit Tigers Baseball Player & Broadcaster. We will miss Al Kaline. Always will bring back memories in his great place for now on. Did amazing things as a Player, Broadcaster, & Front Office. Baseball Hall Of Famer. We will see Al Kaline in a great place in the future. Al will be there for you too. Did some awesome work too. See Ron Gardenhire do some rebuilding once again for the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team with this Coronavirus Effect & COVID-19 comes to end in the future. Big Ron Gardenhire Fan Too. Doing a good job with the Rebuilding Department with the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team & Organization. Drafting Good Players In The Last 2 MLB Drafts In 2018 & 2019.

Rest In Peace Al Kaline. Legendary Detroit Tigers Baseball Player & Broadcaster. Enjoyed Listening To Al Kaline In The Past Years. They Will Do It Again In A Great Place Now. They Where Amazing. Class Act Guy. Do It In Dignity & Class. Hard Work Got Him Where He Is At Now. Living In A Great Place For Now. Hard Work & Dedication Got Him Where He Is At These Days Of Ages.

Go Detroit Tigers Baseball Al Kaline…… Enjoyed Listening To You & George Kell. They Will Do It Once Again Now.

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