A.J. Henning Is Going To Be A Special Wide Receiver For The Michigan Wolverines Football Team.

A.J. Henning is gotta keep working hard at home during this Coronavirus Effect & COVID-19 going on now. Gotta work in the classroom online & do your off-season workouts for the Michigan Wolverines Football Team. Gotta work on your speed & strength still during this tough crisis we are in now. Head Coach Jim Harbaugh & OC/WR’s Coach Josh Gattis wants A.J. Henning in excellent shape before he arrives to Ann Arbor in 2020. Be ready on time. Get good grades in School online for the next few weeks or so. Do your weight lifting at home & agility drills at home as well. Stay focus & listen to details. Trust your coaches & other people around you. Believe in your abilities. High School Spring Sports across the whole nation is cancelled for 2020. Track is good for Football as well. Having strong legs & speed. Gotta have strong legs to play Football. Big time recruit out of High School near by the Chicago, Illinois area. Spread Offense & #SpeedInSpace Concept fits perfect for Wide Receiver A.J. Henning for the Michigan Wolverines Football Team now in Ann Arbor. Josh Gattis is a good Wide Receivers Coach, Recruiter, & Offensive Coordinator in College Football. Head Coach Jim Harbaugh made a good hire on Josh Gattis on January 25th, 2019 in the off-season. Saw that Offense improved during the course of the 2nd Half of the College Football season for the Maize & Blue a year ago. Jim Harbaugh has confidence on A.J. Henning still at WR for the Maize & Blue in the future of this Offense. Has amazing versatility all the way around on Offense. Good all-around athlete. Jim Harbaugh & Josh Gattis are excited for A.J. Henning in the future in a Michigan Wolverines Football Uniform. Fans & I am excited about this guy too.

Go Blue WR A.J. Henning. Keep Working Hard Still During This Coronavirus Effect & COVID-19 On Still Now. Stay Focus On Task & Stay Ahead Of Schedule & Manage Your Time Right. Do The Right Things & Stay Out Of Trouble With The Law At All-Times. Go At It Hard Each & Everyday…. Still Get Good Grades In School…… Keep Working Out At Home Still…. Eat Healthy Foods…….

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