Our Whole World Is In A Different Scenario Now.

This turn of events has been going in the wrong direction now in the whole world we live in now. Coronavirus Effect & COVID-19 has been going on since March 9th. School started to get cancelled on March 13th. 11 days of school to go in March, 18 more days to go to school in April, 20 more days to go in May, & 5 more days to go in June. 11 more weeks to finish school up not a lot. It would go by fast anyways. 4 MHSAA Girls Basketball Tournament Games to be played yet, & 6 more MHSAA Boys Basketball Tournament Games to be yet as well too. It would go by fast too. NHL & NBA was almost done as well too. Playoffs would’ve been going on now. MLB season going on now. Spring Training Games got cancelled too. So did everything else in Sports. Poor decision making to get those things cancelled. School shouldn’t never been cancelled at all. Restaurants & other businesses got closed down as well too. Poor decision making on those stuff on Governor Gretchen Whitmer on those stuff. Gotta keep operations going at all times. Also made a poor decision on no fans at the stadiums as well too. Economy is really down already. Gotta keep those businesses running at all times. Coronavirus Effect & COVID-19 isn’t as bad as it was with the Swine Flu we had before. Gotta stay active as well too. Keep those small businesses running efficiently at all times. Gretchen Whitmer has done a horrible job with that one. If you are sick stay at home. If you are not sick you should go out & do your thing you wanna do out there anyways. Like me love to play Golf. Also love to Cover High School Sporting Events as well too. Lot of do agree with me that they are disappointed not to play Spring Sports in 2020. Cass City Red Hawks Baseball Team was going to have a Special Season I was going to cover there games in 2020. They had a Special Group of Players on the Squad for 1st Year Head Coach Morgan Erla was going to have out there anyways. They where talented indeed. From Top 2 Bottom. They will talk about this one in a long time now & in the future. 8 States where not on lockdowns at all in 2020. North & South Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Utah, Wyoming, Iowa, & Arkansas. There doing right now. So should the 42 states as well too. Those politicians are terrible out there anyways. Adults should make the decisions & not the Governors at all. They put us in tough scenario now. This whole world is messed up already now. Need to get people get back to work sometime soon. Lots of businesses are ready to open up once again. Need those businesses to operate once again for now on & for the rest of the time. Lots of people aren’t happy with Gretchen Whitmer at all as Governor of Michigan. NASCAR is coming back on TV on Sunday in Darlington. With No Fans at this Darlington Event. Poor decision making after another. Gotta have fans at those events. To make money out of those companies & sponsors as well too. Have fans at Sporting Events at all times money comes into play too. Making the economy much better for everyone else too they will come no matter what. I miss covering High School Sporting Events as well too. People aren’t happy to see Sports not being played at all now. They are disappointed with that department. We need those Sporting going on soon as possible. I love covering Little League Baseball & Softball Events as well too. People love seeing there taking of there kids playing. No complaints on those things. I am good sports mania. These turn of events has been on the downside already now. Jobs are at home we got now. Internet going to come into play for more years to come in the future. Need our sporting events to comeback once again in 2020. Reopen Schools as well too. Shouldn’t never called School off for the rest of the season. It was almost done no matter what. Not all of them are sick now. Lots of them are healthy. Some of them are not healthy. Terrible turn of events we are heading in now. Things will start to change soon as possible. Those are the goals for everyone else in this whole world we live in now. Disappointing not to cover High School Spring Sporting Events in 2020. So is everyone else too. Those things are a joke indeed. Think about that one.

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