Santonio Holmes Amazing GW TD Reception For The Pittsburgh Steelers In Super Bowl XLIII.

Santonio Holmes amazing GW TD Reception in Super Bowl XLIII against the Arizona Cardinals at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL. It was one of the Top Plays of all times in Super Bowl History. Concentration on that one & having 2 feet inbounds was incredible to watch on this images. Late in the game. Had a good career for the Pittsburgh Steelers at WR. Win Super Bowl XLIII MVP & guide them to there 6th Super Bowl Title in Organization History. Mike Tomlin being the Youngest Head Coach to win this Super Bowl Title that season. Former Ohio State Buckeye Great WR. Played for a great Head Coach in Jim Tressel in Columbus. He is from Florida. Grew up in that area. Where Super Bowl XLIII was played at in the 2008-09 NFL Season. Ben Roethlisberger threw a perfect pass for Santonio Holmes to make a play on that one. He did that one. Play on a good Organization like the Pittsburgh Steelers was a good honor & privilege to be with the best of those guys. Respects the Rooney’s very nicely. Santonio was glad to play for a good organization during his time in Pittsburgh. This play he will be talk about for a long time now. I remember that one too. Great play indeed.

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