JK Dobbins & Mark Ingram Tested Positive For COVID-19.

JK Dobbins & Mark Ingram tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday. They are not playing on Thanksgiving Night at RB for the Baltimore Ravens for Head Coach John Harbaugh at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. Take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in this big rivalry game on the road. Both of them will not be playing in this contest. Gotta test Negative to play sports on COVID-19. Both of them didn’t test Negative on COVID-19 anyways. They are a good part of this good rushing attack for the 2020 Baltimore Ravens Offense once again. Disappointed you didn’t get the results John Harbaugh wanted really bad. Just the way it is these days of ages we live in now. Stay focus on task & do the right things at all times period. Do your thing at all times. Handle your business & do the right thing for everyone else in the whole world. Hope both of them comeback in time for the rest of the season for the Baltimore Ravens Football Team in 2020. They are a good part of this team anyways. Help out the running game once again. Be smart & decisive about stuff you need to do at all times. The Whole World Is Going Thru This COVID-19 Now. Both of them will be home watching the game on TV on Thanksgiving Day Night at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh on NBC. Take on the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers Squad. Baltimore is 6-4 on the season now. On a 2-game losing streak now. Baltimore still a good team. Pittsburgh is a good Defensive Team in the NFL. See they can win this one without JK Dobbins & Mark Ingram on the road on Thanksgiving Day Night. End this 2-game losing streak as well too. Going to be up to the other RB’s on the Baltimore Ravens Football Team on Offense. To step up for JK Dobbins & Mark Ingram in this solid Rushing Attack they got now. QB Lamar Jackson is still good for Head Coach John Harbaugh & OC Greg Roman. Other ones have to step up for both of them anyways. Crazy world we live in now.

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