Jay Monahan Will Figure Some Things Out Moving Forward For The Rest Of The 2020 Season.

Jay Monahan had to cancel the PGA Tour events starting on March 13th. Coronavirus Pandemic going on now still. Cancel the PGA Tour Events for over 2 months. Started to play once on June 11th the Charles Schwab Invitational in Fort Worth, Texas. Couldn’t have no fans at those 5 PGA Tour Events. Last 4 weeks no spectators at those events they had on the PGA Tour. One more week not to have any spectators at the next stop there going to play at next week. They will have spectators in 2 more weeks. It will be a small crowd they will be playing at the Memorial Tournament in Ohio at Jack Nicklaus’s Tournament on the PGA Tour. Jay will do a good job to figure how many spectators they can have at the 2020 Memorial Tournament in Ohio in 2 weeks from now. Done a very good job for not having any spectators at those 5 PGA Tour Stops. Played in 4 already now. Jay will be ready for days to come for how many fans they can bring at the Memorial Tournament in Ohio in 2 weeks. Get a good committee on how many spectators they can bring for that PGA Tour Event in Ohio. See they have a wear face mask or not. Social Distancing 6 Feet at that event in Ohio. Figure those things up in the upcoming days. Jay Monahan will have a good meeting on that one too. Done a good job as a PGA Tour Commissioner in 2020.

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