Foster Findlay Has A Good Core Of Runners On The 2020 Reese Rockets Girls Cross Country Team.

Foster Findlay has a good core of runners on the 2020 Reese Rockets Girls Cross Country Team. They showing me good impression in the 2 meets I covered out there this past week. GTCW Division Race at Reese HS on Tuesday Night. Pre-Regional Meet at Caro HS on Saturday. Stud Freshman Runner in Jenna Sweeney. Got a sister on the squad too she is a Junior this season. Freshman impressed me in the 2 meets I went too at Reese & Caro. Jenna has not lost a race at all as a Freshman for the Reese Rockets Girls Cross Country Team in 2020. That is unreal indeed. You don’t see too many Freshman win a lot of races on Varsity level in Cross Country. Seeing that one already for Foster Findlay’s squad in Reese. Other ones that impressed me too. My team to watch in the Division 3 Regionals next week. There legit. Nice bunch of runners on that squad. Could be my team to beat in the Division 3 Regionals. Could win the State Finals as well too. Find out on that one too. Reese Is Good. Nice pieces of the puzzle on that squad now. Go at it this week once again in practice.

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