Green Bay Packers Got A Road Victory Against The Detroit Lions At Ford Field In Detroit.

Green Bay Packers got a good road victory on Sunday at Ford Field against the Detroit Lions. Be NFC Divisional Champions Back 2 Back Years. Head Coach Matt LaFleur has done a remarkable job as Head Coach Green Bay Packers Football Team in his 1st 2 years there. Good hire by the GM & Front Office in the off-season in 2019. Took them to the NFC Conference Championship Game a year ago. Lose to the San Francisco 49ers at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA. Got them to Back 2 Back 10 plus wins seasons once again for the Leaders of the Pack in 2020. Good QB in Aaron Rodgers leading the pack once again. Good core of young guys once again in 2020. Won 14 games a year ago & now won 10 games thru 13 games in 2020. Fix the problems very well for the Green Bay Packers in the last 2 years at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. His mindset is really good now. Players buy into his system once again. Good NFL Head Coach For The Green Bay Packers. Learn a lot of stuff from Head Coach Mike Vrabel for the Tennessee Titans in the NFL as a OC in Nashville. Taken them to another level of play now as Head Coach in Green Bay. Good Offensive Minded Coach In The NFL.

Green Bay Packers really good road win over the Detroit Lions at Ford Field in Detroit on Sunday. Aaron Rodgers brilliant at QB for the Packers in this game. Be Back 2 Back NFC North Divisional Champions On Sunday In Detroit. Matt LaFleur is the right man for this job as Head Coach. Been a savior for QB Aaron Rodgers in the last 2 years in the NFL. Seeing better results at QB & putting on better stats once again. Thrown 39 TD Passes in 2020. Almost 4000 passing yards. Using his talent very well once again. Losing 3 games to Tampa Bay & Indianapolis on the road & Minnesota at home. 3 games remaining left on the 2020 Green Bay Packers Football Team. Not satisfied with this outcome of this one yet. Still wanna improve for the next 3 games of the 2020 campaign.

Congratulations To The Green Bay Packers Football Team On Being NFC Divisional Champions Once Again & QB Aaron Rodgers & Head Coach Matt LaFleur…………

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