Buffalo Bills Are The AFC East Divisional Champions.

Buffalo Bills are the AFC East Divisional Champions in 2020. Last time they won a AFC Divisional Title was 25 years ago with QB Jim Kelly & Head Coach Marv Levy at the helm. Got a nice road victory against the Denver Broncos on Saturday Night at the Mile High City in Denver. Head Coach Sean McDermott has done a good job with the Team he is got now in Orchard Park, New York. OC Brian Daboll has done a good job with this Offensive Unit. Got QB Josh Allen going very well at the helm. Wide Receivers making plays for this Team. Adding WR Stefon Diggs in the off-season trading deadline from the Minnesota Vikings help out this WR unit. Running Game Department is good as well. Defense has come alive late of the season. Credits goes to DC Leslie Frazier & had some injuries to deal with. They overcome those problems very well. There healthy once again. Made a good hire on Sean McDermott in the off-season in 2017 to get them out of the struggles they where in before he arrived in 2017. Got out of those struggles already now. Change the culture very well indeed. Got a good fanbase in the NFL now in Orchard Park. COVID-19 is still going on now still in the Whole World we live in now. Sean McDermott & his team is doing very well with that Department anyways. Buffalo Bills are 11-3 on the season now. Not satisfied with this outcome yet. You wanna keep improving during the course of the season now. Keep on going for it more. Keep doing your thing at all times. Go about your business & do the right things for the team wants you to do out there anyways. Congratulations on being the 2020 AFC East Divisional Champions on Saturday Night against the Denver Broncos on the road at The Mile High City in Denver.

Go Buffalo Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott…….

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