Don Brown & Ben McDaniels Are Gone For The Michigan Wolverines Football Team As Assistant Coaches.

Don Brown got fired as Defensive Coordinator on Tuesday for the Michigan Wolverines Football Team. Disappointed season overall in 2020. Defense was miserable all season long. In the last 2 years against the Ohio State allowed 62 pts on the scoreboard in 2018 & 56 pts on the scoreboard in 2019. That is unacceptable for the Maize & Blue. Wisconsin Badgers allowed 35 pts in 2019 & 49 pts in 2020. That is also unacceptable as well too. Doesn’t make any adjustments during the course of the game. Man Coverage guy. Leaving them the CB’s & Safeties on a island. That is really bad too. That is why, Jim Harbaugh decide to fire DC Don Brown on Tuesday. Going 2-4 on the campaign. Lots of good talent on Defense anyways for the Michigan Wolverines Football Team right now with our young guys we got now in Ann Arbor. Totally unacceptable with this Maize & Blue Defense.

Ben McDaniels is also gone as QB’s Coach for the Michigan Wolverines Football Team. Didn’t do a very good job developing the QB’s for the Maize & Blue in 2020. Joe Milton & Cade McNamara weren’t use right at all. Both talented players on that Offense at QB. Didn’t teach & coach the mechanics right on Offense at the QB position. Jim Harbaugh felt that we need to go to different variety instead. Jim is going to coach the QB’s for the 2021 squad instead. Disappointed as well too. Didn’t do the job like he should’ve done in 2020. Didn’t pay out like Ben McDaniels wanted to be out there anyways. Ben McDaniels is gone as QB’s Coach for the Maize & Blue.

Jim Harbaugh did the right thing to fire the DC Don Brown & QB’s Coach Ben McDaniels off the team as Assistant Coaches for the Michigan Wolverines Football Team. 2020 campaign was very disappointed to see them play. High hopes for them in 2020. Didn’t live up to there expectations needed to be at in 2020. Went 2-4 on the campaign. Didn’t use there good talents on the field as well too. Didn’t develop them right either too. Jim Harbaugh got rid a couple of them on Tuesday for the Maize & Blue in Ann Arbor. Jim will be the Head Coach & QB’s Coach for the 2021 campaign. He will find a good DC’s & Recruiter to get over the hump. Got some good candidates for that DC’s job in 2021. See a few more leave as well too for the Maize & Blue as Assistant Coaches in the upcoming days too.

Go Blue Everyone & Merry Christmas & Happy New Years To All Of You Too. Stay Safe & Sound During The COVID-19 Going On Now Still In The Whole World We Live In Now.

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