We Will See Willi Castro Have A Good 2021 Campaign For The Detroit Tigers Baseball Team.

Willi Castro made a nice transition for the 2020 Detroit Tigers Baseball Team at SS from Manager Ron Gardenhire at Comerica Park in Detroit. Good switch hitter & fielder as well too. Saw him hit a Home Run to opposite direction to Left-Field at Comerica Park while batting Left-Handed. Hit a home run while batting right handed against the Kansas City Royals on the road. Got speed as well too. Best game I saw him play against the Milwaukee Brewers on the road in the win. Got traded to the Detroit Tigers. Got Drafted to the Cleveland Indians in the MLB Draft. AJ Hinch will use Willi Castro talents for the 2021 Detroit Tigers Baseball Team. Got good speed & he can run the bases very well. Saw hit a triple against the Brewers on the road. Ron Gardenhire did good things with Willi Castro. AJ will continue that one in 2021. Good Baseball Player. Hard working individual. Doing workouts right now in the off-season getting ready for the 2021 MLB Season at home now. From Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has very good Baseball down there too. They play that Sport year round. It is a year round sport. Working on individual workouts on his Baseball Swing & fielding at home now. When the season arrives. Willi will be ready for that action to come for the 2021 Detroit Tigers Baseball Team. Good competitor & wants to compete with the best of them. Saw that one in 2020. See more of that one in 2021. Smart Baseball Man. AJ Hinch can’t wait to see him play in 2021 at Comerica Park in Detroit. Excited to see him play in 2021. Like to see work on his throw more. Be accurate with that one too. Had some of that inaccurate throws in 2020. See them get corrected in 2021 campaign.

Go Detroit Tigers Baseball Team & Happy New Years SS Willi Castro…. Can’t Wait To See Him Play As Well Too…….. Can’t Wait To See Cover Baseball Games Too In 2021…………..

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