Dan Hasty Has A Good Mindset About The Detroit Tigers Baseball.

Dan Hasty has a good mindset about Baseball. Did the radio play by play with Dan Dickinson on Sunday. Dan does the West Michigan Whitecaps Baseball play by play too. Remembers Riley Greene’s inside the park home run & diving catch in the same game on Riley’s debut in 2019. 1st Rd Pick by the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team in the 2019 MLB Draft. Came out of High School in Orlando, FL Area. Riley Greene is going to be a special player in the future years in Detroit. Good hitter & fielder. Run the bases as well too. Dan has a good personality & mindset about Baseball now. Dan said about the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team is building very well for the future years ahead of them. AJ Hinch is doing a good job with the Rebuilding Department Process in his 1st year at the helm in Detroit. Ron Gardenhire did a great job with the Rebuilding Department Process as Manager in the last 3 years. Dan knows his Baseball very well indeed. Glad to see him play by play on the radio yesterday.

Go Detroit Tigers Baseball & West Michigan Whitecaps Baseball Announcer Dan Hasty……..

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