Carson Wentz Will Make A Nice Impact QB For The 2021 Indianapolis Colts Football Team On Offense.

Carson Wentz will replace the retired NFL QB Philip Rivers in 2021 for the Indianapolis Colts Football Team this coming fall. Made the right choice to get Carson Wentz from the Philadelphia Eagles this off-season. Offensive Line for the Philadelphia Eagles didn’t get Carson time to throw the Football & go thru his progression in the last 3 years. Got sacked a whole bunch of times. Now he will play a better team that has a better Offensive Line the Philadelphia Eagles do right now. Head Coach Frank Reich made a good decision on getting another Veteran QB for the Colts Offense in 2021. Went to the AFC Playoffs in the last 2 out of the last 3 years. Made a good decision on getting a good QB that is available for this Offense. Frank is really good with the QB’s also too. Good Running & Passing Game as well too. Great fit for Carson Wentz to be a better team now then he was before then. Comeback Player of the Year Candidate in the 2021 NFL Season this coming year.

Go Colts QB Carson Wentz…………

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