Khris Middleton Carried The Milwaukee Bucks To A Must Win Scenario In Game 4 Of The 2021 NBA Finals At Home On Wednesday Night In Milwaukee.

Khris Middleton carried the Milwaukee Bucks to a Game 4 victory over the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday Night in the 2021 NBA Finals in Milwaukee. Had a good career for the Bucks so far. Scored 40 points in the win on home crowd. Home team has won all 4 games of this NBA Finals so far. Tie the series at 2 wins apiece. Now it is the best of 3 now. Khris played 3 years of College Basketball for the Texas A&M Aggies in College Station for Head Coach Mark Turgeon. Need to stay 3 years out of High School to play in the NBA. Need to make a rule on that one too in the future years. Help Giannis in the win. Playing unselfish Basketball in Game 4 of the NBA Finals. Credit GM Jon Horst on a job well done too. Jon Horst has become one of the best GM’s in the NBA right now for the Milwaukee Bucks. Got hired in that position in 2017. Got hired there in 2008. Been with that Organization for 13 plus years already now. Good mindset of that one too. Impressive to see how he has done with the players on the team. Making good moves. Making them a Elite Team now in the NBA. Phoenix Suns is also a good team too in the NBA. We expected a good 2021 NBA Finals already now. 3 games to go yet still to come. Khris played one season with the Detroit Pistons as a Rookie. Got traded away to Milwaukee in 2013 ever since. 2nd Rd pick by the Detroit Pistons in the 2012 NBA Draft out of College in Texas A&M in College Station. Becoming a good player in the NBA right now. Stayed 3 years in College to get himself ready to play in the NBA right away. Development & understanding of the game has been unbelievable indeed. Good work ethic & attitude as well too. Congratulations on your brilliant performance at home on Wednesday Night in front of your fans in Milwaukee……. Best of 3 right now…..

Go Milwaukee Bucks Everyone….. Good Luck In The Next 3 Games Of The 2021 NBA Finals…….. Going To Be A Good Race Indeed……..

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