Tarik Skubal Got Another Victory For The Detroit Tigers On Wednesday Night At Camden Yards In Baltimore.

Tarik Skubal got the victory for the Detroit Tigers on Wednesday Night against the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards in Baltimore in a 5-2 route. Won the series also too in that game too. Tarik went 6 innings & got his 8th victory of the 2021 campaign for 1st Year Manager AJ Hinch. Been coming on nicely for the Detroit Tigers Pitching Staff during the course of the season. Credit Pitching Coach Chris Fetter & Tarik Skubal on the adjustments he made during the course of the season on the mound. Gotten better & better each week. 8-10 on the season now. Going to be a good one for sure. Got enough runs support in that one too. Miguel Cabrera was 3 for 4 in that one. Hit a solo homer in the 5th inning to Left Center Field. 1 Home Run away to getting his 500th of his MLB Career with the Miami Marlins & Detroit Tigers Baseball Team. 50 hits away to getting 3000 also too. Future Baseball Hall Of Famer. Detroit Tigers are 56-60 on the campaign now. Been playing winning Baseball since May 9th. They where 8-24 on the season during that time being. There 48-36 since then. Credit to the Coaches & Players on the adjustments & other ones too. Making good strides & other ones too. Building for the future for this Ball Club. Heading in the right direction & keep improving in the next 46 games of the 2021 MLB season. Keep the gas on the pedal still now. Good young talent in Detroit. Credit goes to Ron Gardenhire on that one too. AJ Hinch kept on going for it more. Going to be a fun team to watch indeed at Comerica Park in Detroit. GM Al Avila made a good hire on AJ Hinch to become there next Manager for that Ball Club & Organization on October 30th, 2020 at Comerica Park. Great MLB Manager & Players Coach they got now in Detroit. We will see a World Series Title in the upcoming years to come for the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team. Best Manager we got available now in Detroit.

Go Detroit Tigers Baseball Everyone………..

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