Jason Jurgess & Mark Krug Do Very Well As A Team For The Bad Axe Hatchets Boys Basketball Program.

Jason Jurgess & Mark Krug do very well together as a team for the Bad Axe Hatchets Boys Basketball Program during there time being. Both of them went to Bad Axe HS. Mark Graduated in 1979 at Bad Axe HS. Played on there best Football Team in School History in 1978. Went to the Class C State Championship Game & lose in a closed game & be 1978 Class C State Runner-Up Finish instead. Mark was hurt during that time being. Jim Watkins was a Offensive Genius in HS Football in the Wing-T Offense. Coach Blackstock was fortunate enough to have him out there anyways. Good Basketball Minded Guy Also Too. Guide the program to Back 2 Back GTCW Division Championship Title in 2015 & 2016. Coach the 20-0 squad in the 2015-16 campaign. Finish the season at 21-1 overall record. Beat the USA Patriots in the Class C District Championship Game in front of your home crowd in 2015 & beat that squad the next following season in front of your home big crowd for clinching the outright GTCW Division that night. Got upset by the USA Patriots in the Class C District Championship Game at Harbor Beach HS in OT. Didn’t get a chance to play for a Division 3 District Championship Game on March 13th, 2020 at USA HS against the Cass City Red Hawks. That season got cancelled because of the COVID-19 Pandemic started that time being. Mark is in rough shape right now. Hanging in there now. Very nice guy to talk these days of ages we live in now. I enjoy talking to him anyways. Well liked by everyone else in the community. Jason did the Head Coaching duties in the Division 3 Districts & Regionals a year ago. Guide them to a Division 3 District Title at Laker HS & got a victory over the Harbor Beach Pirates on March 27th, 2021. Lose to the Reese Rockets in the Division 3 Regional Semifinal Game on March 30th, 2021 at Reese HS. Jason loves to play Golf out there. Plays at Ubly Heights Country Club with Rob & Dan Behnke. Gary Woodland Fan on the PGA Tour. Saw him win the 119th US Open on Father’s Day in Pebble Beach, CA in 2019. One of his best days he ever had out there. 1995 Bad Axe HS Graduated. Doing a good job as a Head Coach for the Bad Axe Hatchets Boys Basketball Team this season. Got a 43-32 victory on the road against a good young Cass City Red Hawks squad in GTCW Division Action on Friday Night. They got a nice Backcourt Duo in Noah Kervin & Aaron Sowles this season. Tommy Morneau was a PG for this program also too. 2016 Bad Axe HS Graduated. Mark had the confidence with Jason Jurgess being the Head Coach already now………. Both of them share stories & other ones too. Do very well together as a team. Seeing good results in the winning column. Share a good bond together as a team. Being success at that one too. See those guys do it in dignity & class. Players love playing for Mark Krug & Jason Jurgess for the Bad Axe Hatchets Boys Basketball Program right now……… Class Act Individuals & Help Them Succeed After There Basketball Playing Days Are Over Now…………… Impressive stuff I have saw out there anyways……..

Go Bad Axe Hatchets Basketball Team & Program Jason Jurgess & Mark Krug……….

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