Steve Yzerman The Best GM In The NHL Right For The Detroit Red Wings Hockey Team & Organization….


The reason why, Steve Yzerman is the best GM in the NHL right now for the Detroit Red Wings Hockey Team & Organization. Move good free agent pickups, trades for the ones we don’t need at all. NHL Draft Picks has been unbelievable in the last 3 years in Detroit. Got 2 solid rookies on the team already now in progress. Good young players at the helm now. Look at what he did with the Tampa Bay Lighting in his tenure as GM. 2-Time Defending Stanley Cup Champions in 2020 & 2021. Got this GM ready to go anyways. Made the best choice to chose Dylan Larkin as Captain for this team now. Good season for the Detroit Red Wings. Amazing Hockey Guy to have on any NHL team wants out there. Detroit Red Wings are glad to see him what he has done so far so good. Great hire they made on April 19th, 2019 to have him as GM & Vice President for this organization we love so much. Much better team then they where before then. 20-21-6 on the season now. There a competitive team. Making a difference for everyone else now at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit. Packing that place up already now in play. Ken Holland made poor decisions on the trades & other ones too. Steve is fixing that stuff already now in progress. Heading in the right direction now. Win a Stanley Cup Title in a few more years from now in Detroit. Steve is doing the right thing for everyone else too. Make the fans happy & team as well too. Scotty Bowman was a fan of him as a player & captain of that unit in his playing days there. Win 3 Stanley Cup Titles in 1997, 1998, & 2002. Scotty was the best Head Coach of all-times in the NHL. Retired as Head Coach after Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit against the Carolina Hurricanes. Made this his final home game special in 2002. Steve Yzerman has a good Hockey Mindset in play now. Reason why, he is the best GM in the NHL……….. We are blessed to see Steve Yzerman do a fabulous job in the front office. Building that team up nice & slow. Get better each & every year. Love to see that one in play now. Good Hockey Guy you want to have on your team period. Hockey Genius you want to have in play now. Mindset of that one. Impressive seeing that one in store now.


#LGRW GM Steve Yzerman………….

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