Sandusky Redskins Handled There Business In Girls Basketball Action On Monday Night In GTC Crossover Action.


Sandusky Redskins handled there business on the road in GTC Crossover Action in Girls Basketball on Monday Night at Cass City HS. Held them to 24 points on the scoreboard & gave them there worst lost of the season too. Jump out to a 8-0 lead to start the game out right now for Head Coach Al DeMott in this one. Make a difference for the rest of the way. Defense has been unbelievable all season long & all game long as well too. Cass City has a nice bunch of players on the roster. Got the job done when they needed to the most. Sandusky got a nice mixed of Juniors & Seniors on the roster this season. Better then it was in the last 3 years. Go 15-0 on the season now. Coaches & Players work together very well as a unit. Al DeMott does a remarkable job with this unit on a year in & year out basis. He is Legend as a Player & Coach in Sandusky. Players buy into his system very well. See good results on Varsity. 38 straight winning seasons in a row now in Sandusky. Tons of hardware he is collected in the program. Girls respect Al DeMott no matter what. No. 4 Team in the State of Michigan in Division 3 also too. Held Shelby Ignash to 10 points in the road victory. She is a Stud Freshman for the Cass City Red Hawks Girls Basketball Team for Head Coach Justin Ketterer. Got a nice of Veterans & Youth on this roster now in Cass City. Hard working bunch in play too.


Go Sandusky Redskins Girls Basketball Team Head Coach Al DeMott…………

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