These 3 Girls In The Class Of 2022 For The Sandusky Redskins Girls Basketball Team……….


Nort Schram gave the GTCE Division Trophy to the Sandusky Redskins Girls Basketball Team & to those 3 Seniors as well too on Tuesday Night at Al DeMott Court & Mark S. Hund Gymnasium in Sandusky HS. Maddie Long, Abby Trepkowski, & Emmy Bender got the privilege to play for the Hall of Fame Head Coach Al DeMott during there time being there in the last 3 to 4 years on Varsity. Going to get the perfect regular season record on Thursday Night against the Memphis Yellowjackets at Memphis HS. Going to be there 4th 20-0 mark in his amazing career in his 42 years as Head Coach.


Maddie Long is a 4-year player for the Sandusky Redskins Girls Basketball Team. Played on 2 GTCE Division Titles that they share with in her Freshman & Junior Year. This season was the outright one this time around. Having a privilege to be part of this amazing tradition Al DeMott brings to the table now. Bring back memories in the future years ahead of her coming too.


Abby Trepkowski is a 3-year player for this team & program. Making a clutch 3-pointer at home against the Bad Axe Hatchets earlier this season & setup Brooklyn Jansen to make 2 GW Free Throws to give Sandusky a 34-32 victory over the Bad Axe Hatchets in GTC Crossover Game. On the Share of the GTCE Division Championship Team in 2021. This time around was the outright variety instead.


Emmy Bender also played 3 years on Varsity for the team & program. Going to play at Albion College Women’s Basketball Team next season. Also played on the Share of the GTCE Division Crown in 2021. This year was the outright variety instead.


Nort Schram good job sending the GTCE Division Trophy to the fine 3 seniors on the squad anyways. 20-0 will be there tomorrow night at Memphis HS.


Go Sandusky HS Class Of 2022 Abby Trepkowski, Emmy Bender, & Maddie Long. Going To Graduated In 2 More Months From Now. Congratulations Being The GTCE Division Champions In The 2021-22 Campaign……..

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