Levi & Evan Peruski Had Good Season For The Ubly Bearcats Sports Teams In The 2020-21 Campaign.

Levi Peruski played 4 sports this past season for the 2020-21 campaign for the Ubly Bearcats. Cross Country, Football, Basketball, & Track & Field. Played on the Back 2 Back Division 8 Districts & Regionals Championship Teams. Played in 2 Semifinal Appearances. Division 8 State Runner-Up Squad in the 2020-21 campaign. Lose to the Centreville Bulldogs on January 22nd at Ford Field in Detroit. Played on the GTCE Division & Division 4 District Championship Team in 2021 in Basketball. Hit the GW Buzzer Shot against the Sandusky Redskins at Al DeMott Court & Mark S. Hund Gymnasium in 2021. Ran Cross Country as well too. Ran the 110M & 300M Hurdles & 2 Relay Teams in Track & Field. Be on the GTCE Division Championship Team as well too in 2021. Good student of the game & also in the classroom. Well liked by the Ubly Community in School & everyone else too. Teachers, Students, Parents, Administrators, Coaches, Family Members, & Everyone Too. Enjoy talking to him wherever I go to a Sporting Event or elsewhere I see him at too. Graduated Already Now In The Class Of 2021 At Ubly HS. Going to miss him competing for good. Going to College next month……..

Evan Peruski showing me good impression in Football & Basketball as a Freshman on Varsity this past season for the Ubly Bearcats. Guide them to the Division 8 State Championship Game as a Freshman QB for Head Coach Eric Sweeney. Lose to the Centreville Bulldogs 22-0 at Ford Field in Detroit on January 22nd. On the GTCE Division & Division 4 Championship Team in Boys Basketball in 2021 for Head Coach Branden Sorenson. Showing me good impression in both sports also too. Ran Track & Field also too. On the GTCE Division Championship Team in Track & Field. Amazing Athletic Ability. Not scared to play with the best of them. Winner on & off the field. Good student of the game & listen to details. Looking forward to covering his games in Football & Basketball in the next 3 years for the Ubly Bearcats….. Dedicated Athlete Year Round. Impressive stuff indeed.

Levi Peruski & Evan Peruski are excellent students & athletes. Getting good grades in the class & go about your business. Trust the process & go from there on out. Push themselves for one another to be the best they can be at all-times. They are also Michigan Wolverines Sports Fans… They get along very well too. Go from there on out too. Make things count for everyone else too. Congratulations to both of them on a fine season overall in the 2020-21 campaign for the Ubly Bearcats…….

Go Ubly Bearcats Levi Peruski Class Of 2021 & Evan Peruski Class Of 2024…….

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