Aaron Sowles Good 3-Sport Athlete In The Class Of 2022 For The Bad Axe Hatchets………


Aaron Sowles is a good 3-sport athlete for the Bad Axe Hatchets in the Class of 2022. Soccer Team was really good in the last 3 years. Had a good tradition order in the past years. Amazing 4 years in Basketball for Head Coach Mark Krug. Reach his milestone for 1000 points in his 4 years on Varsity. Good Baseball Player for Head Coach Bob Breault. Plays SS & Pitches. Not a hard throwing Pitcher & knows how to locate his pitches very well. Throws junk pitches on the mound. Not a Home Run & good hitter & knows how to get on base. Excellent speed around the bases. Gets the job done right. Threw a No Hitter a year ago against the Brown City Green Devils in a GTC Crossover Game at there place. Perfect Game he threw. He remembers that one. Aaron is a very nice guy & going to major in Business Financial in College. Taking online classes right now in College. Going to be a Sophomore this coming fall. Staying ahead of schedule now. Good competitor in sports. Detroit Tigers Baseball Fan. Love what Ron Gardenhire did in the Rebuilding Department Process in 2018-20 & also in the Minor League Farm System. MLB Draft Picks where unbelievable in the last 4 years. Loves what AJ Hinch brings to the table now in Detroit. GM Al Avila made 2 excellent hires in the Manager Job. Ron Gardenhire on October 19th, 2017 & AJ Hinch on October 30th, 2020 at Comerica Park in Detroit. Saw both of them got them playing competitive Baseball in the last 2 years at the helm. AJ Hinch got them to win 77 games a year ago. I see them winning 85 or more games in 2022. Aaron loves Baseball & Basketball. Remembers beating the Frankenmuth Eagles in Soccer at there house in 2020 1-0 excellent playing field they got in store now in Frankenmuth HS. TSA Boys Basketball Player of the Year Award in 2022. Mark Krug, Jason Jurgess, & Bob Breault will miss Aaron Sowles after this season. Going to Graduated next month at Bad Axe HS. Next journey is coming up soon. Bring back so many memories ahead of him coming up in the future years ahead of him too. Enjoy covering his games & talking to him as well too. I missed him in Basketball as well too. Stay focus on academics instead. Not going to play any sports in College. Good ideas on other things besides sports. Not a bad idea on that one too.



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