Kenton Wiseman Doing Very Well For Himself These Days Of Ages We Live In Now.

I saw Kenton Wiseman Golfing at Arrowhead Golf Course in Caro a few weeks ago. Kenton was disappointed not to play High School Baseball for the 2020 Cass City Red Hawks. That was going to be a Special Squad all the way around. It got cancelled in 2020. Because of the Coronavirus Effect & COVID-19 going on now in the Whole World. Loves to play Baseball & good pitcher & hitter. Good 3rd Baseman. He impressed me as a Sophomore a year ago for Head Coach Josh Stern. Be GTCW Division Champions. Never won’t talk about the Division 3 District Championship Game lost to the EPB Lakers at there place. In a 1-0 lost in the raining conditions. Finish the season at 24-3 overall record in 2019. Excited to play Head Coach Morgan Erla as well too. Things got out of hand with this crisis we are in now. Still going to be a pretty good squad in 2021. Kendall Anthes & Sandyn Cuthrell & the rest of the 2020 Cass City Red Hawks Baseball Team are disappointed not to play Baseball at all. This was going to be a Special Squad Morgan Erla was going to put out there. Won’t happen anyways. On that Cass City Boys Basketball Team that upset the USA Patriots in the Division 3 District Semifinal Game at USA HS on March 11th. I covered that one found a way to beat the USA Patriots on there home court. Good memory to bring back for Kenton Wiseman as well too. Good student in the classroom, on the playing court & field in Basketball & Baseball. Listens to details from Aaron Fernald, Josh Stern, & Morgan Erla. Michigan State Spartans Sports Fan. Detroit Tigers Baseball Fan. Baseball has been Kenton Wiseman’s passion when growing up & loves to play this great game he grew up to play when he was born. His Dad was a good Softball Player & Baseball guy too. Grew up watching his Dad play Softball. Watch & learn this stuff. Dad developed Kenton to be a good Baseball Player for the Cass City Red Hawks. Kenton will remember this one for a long time. Things will get talked about for a long time. Baseball Man Kenton Wiseman Is. I was going to cover his games in 2020 for the Cass City Red Hawks Baseball Team. It won’t happen now. Doing very well right now. Got to see him at Arrowhead Golf Course in Caro a few weeks ago. Good Guy Kenton Wiseman Is…..

Go Cass City Red Hawks Baseball Team Kenton Wiseman…….

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