Jake Arrieta Is A Chicago Cubs Baseball Legend……..


Jake Arrieta had a good run with that organization for the Chicago Cubs Baseball Team. Guided them to be 2016 World Series Champions. Game 7 was the night to remember at Progressive Field in Cleveland. Beat the Cleveland Guardians in extra innings & weather delay came into play at the right time. Cleveland had good momentum before the inclement weather came in nicely indeed for the Chicago Cubs Baseball Team in 2016.



Broke the curse at the 2016 World Series Championship Parade in Downtown Chicago. Hanging that 2016 World Series Championship Trophy in front of your home crowd that day. Cy Young Award Winner & World Series Champion. Manager Joe Maddon was happy to have Jake Arrieta on the team in 2016. Best MLB Record In 2016. Won 106 Games. Carried them to a World Series Championship Title.



Jake Arrieta showing good support for the fans at the 2016 World Series Championship Parade in Downtown Chicago. Showing “W” sign in front of your home crowd. Showing good respect in front of your home crowd in Chicago. Guide them to success all season long in 2016. Wrigley Field in Chicago was a lot of fun to remember in 2016. Good core of players on the team they had out there anyways. North Side of Chicago was in attendance.



Jake Arrieta putting on a showcase for the fans, sports media, sportswriters, & other ones too. Remarkable 2016 campaign was the day for the Chicago Cubs Baseball Team brings back memories forever now. Broke Curse Also Too……. Never forget that one also too…… Jake made a difference for the Cubs Pitching Staff in 2016.



David Ross was the Catcher on that 2016 Chicago Cubs Baseball Team. Congratulate Jake Arrieta on the mound for the Chicago Cubs Baseball Team. David is now the Manager for that organization already now at Wrigley Field in Chicago. Play for a good MLB Manager Joe Maddon in the past years. GM Theo Esptein had the trust & confidence with Jake Arrieta also too.



Jake Arrieta now a Chicago Cubs Baseball Legend. Did awesome retirement ceremony at Wrigley Field in Chicago also too. Fan show awesome respect for Jake Arrieta in his days on the mound at the Windy City on the North Side of Chicago in the past years. Made things interesting for the team & made it fun also too. 2016 Chicago Cubs Baseball Team will be remembered forever now in Chicago……..



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