Abby Halabis Is A Good 3-Sport Athlete For The Cass City Red Hawks In The Class Of 2022……..


Abby Halabis is a good leader for the Cass City Red Hawks Volleyball, Basketball, & Softball Teams in the 2021-22 season. 2 more weeks to go yet at Cass City HS in the Class of 2022. Won the Division 3 Volleyball & Basketball District Titles already now. Lose to the Reese Rockets in the Division 3 Regional Championship Game at Caro HS on November 11th, 2021 in Volleyball. Win & Lose to the Division 3 State Champions in 2021. Lose to the Undefeated Sandusky Redskins in the Division 3 Regional Semifinal Game on March 8th, 2022 at Reese HS in Girls Basketball. Doing very well in Softball also too now. 7-2-1 on the season. Excellent 3-Sport Athlete at Cass City HS in the Class of 2022. Amy Cuthrell & Justin Ketterer will miss having Abbey Halabis on the team for good now. Good Student in the Classroom & also in Sports. Smart individual person on & off the playing field. Dedicated individual lady year round. Good inspirator for the young kids in the community. Mindset of one day at a time. Stay focus on task on things she needs to be responsible & do the right things at the right time. Stay focus on those things she wants done right. Well liked in the community. Good idea of that one too. Her parents are proud of what she has done for her time being in Cass City. Next journey is coming up for Abby. Going to College this coming fall. Stay focus on academics instead. Not going to play any sports in College. Do the classes instead. Not a bad idea of that one. Impressive stuff I saw from her this season at Cass City……..



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