Mary Richmond Is A Unreal Girls Cross Country & Track & Field Runner For The Frankenmuth Eagles In The Class Of 2024…….


I was impressed with Sophomore Runner Mary Richmond for the Frankenmuth Eagles Track & Field Team at The Thumb Meet of Champions at Caro HS on Tuesday Night. Won the Girls Athlete of the Meet Award at the 50th Thumb Meet of Champions. 2nd Place in the 3200M Relay Team & 3 1st Place Finishes in the 800M, 1600M, & 3200M Run. Top 5 Finisher at the Division 2 State Finals as a Freshman & Sophomore in 2020 & 2021 in Cross Country. She will keep on going after the season is over. Do lots of running in her training this coming summer. Keep this trend going for more to yet for Mary Richmond. Never satisfied with any outcome she does in anything running events or meets. Go for more. Keep this one going for more to come in the next 2 years. Keep that same pace going. Keep working hard at this sport. College Scholarships Offering for Mary Richmond. Every sportswriter & other ones that saw her run is impressive to see her compete with the best of them. Not scare to run with the best ones around. You got more to go yet. Go for the drive & go at it 110% each & everyday in the summer training workouts. Take that one to the Fall in Cross Country. So blessed to see her run at the 50th Thumb Meet Of Champions in Caro HS on Tuesday Night…….. Long Strides & Long Legs That Give You To Go For It All Now…….. You Can’t Coach Speed At It In Sports. Mary Richmond Has Good Speed As Distance Runner…….



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