Tracy Bennett Is A Really Good Wrestling Coach For The Marlette Red Raiders……..

Tracy Bennett is a really good Wrestling Coach for the Marlette Red Raiders. Knows his stuff very well. Building a good program already now in progress. Learn a lot of stuff from Lenny Zeigler & Jeff Ryan over the years. Those are his 2 mentors. Really good 2001 squad for the Marlette Red Raiders. Freshman Curtis Roddy in the Class of 2004. State Champion as a Freshman. Transferred to Montrose in the next 3 years. Jeremy Bloor & company. Good core of Wrestlers for the 2001 Marlette Red Raiders team. Wrestling is in the Bennett Family Blood. His brothers where good Wrestlers in HS. Love watching, Andy Brydon wrestle in HS. 1984 Marlette HS Graduated. State Champion as a Sophomore in 1982. Jeff Ryan wrestled for Andy Brydon in Jr. High. Tracy & Jeff worked very well together & really good friends in school. Tracy graduated in 1988 & Jeff graduated in 1989. Big Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football Fan in South Bend, IN. Wrestling is good for Football. His Son Manus was a 3-time State Champion for the Marlette Red Raiders Wrestling Team. Graduated in the Class of 2023. Youngest Son Turlough is a good Wrestler also too. Jr in HS this season. Best one on the roster this season. Wife Rachel is a nice helper to the program. Another good Assistant Coach in the program. Good common sense about other ideas. Show good respect to everyone else to the program. Win with dignity & class.

Turlough Bennett is following his Brother Manus suit for the Marlette Red Raiders Wrestling Team & Program. Got really good skills on the mat. Follow the Bennett Wrestling Blood. He impressed on Wednesday Night. Amazing skills on the mat. Tracy is proud of what he has achieve so far earlier of the season. Good mindset of this sport. Athletic ability he brings to the table. Competitor in this sport. Work with Jeff Ryan & other ones. Off-season workouts has gotten him to where he is at now. Turlough is the one to watch out there in GTC in the next 2 years. Top 5 Wrestlers in the GTC. Tracy is one of the 3 best coaches in the GTC.

Westley Chapin has took his skills to another level this season for the Marlette Red Raiders Wrestling Team. His hard work in the off-season has took him to where he is at now. Made amazing strides to where he was in the last 2 years. His development & understanding of what he needed to do out there. Learn a lot of things to be a good wrestler for Head Coach Tracy Bennett. Good student of this sport & also in the classroom. Beat a good wrestler for the Cass City Red Hawks on Wednesday Night at home. Junior at Marlette HS this season. Likes the way, Tracy does things for everyone else in the program. Good Baseball player for Head Coach Dave Hayden. Dave was at the Wrestling Meet on Wednesday Night. Lives right by Marlette HS. Plays Football also too. Went to the Division 8 Playoffs for the 3rd straight year in a row. Westley is a good all-around person. Amazing speed & power. His hard work & dedication got him to where he is at now………



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