Moritz Seider Drafted By The Detroit Red Wings šŸ’ Team & Win The Calder Cup Award The Same Day.


Moritz Seider got Drafted by the Detroit Red Wings šŸ’ Team in the 1st Rd of the 2019 NHL Draft on June 21st. GM Steve Yzerman needed to Draft a Defenseman for this organization. Got him from Germany. The team weakness they where on during that time being. Found the right one available for this unit.



Moritz Seider wins the 2022 Calder Cup Award on June 21st. Got by the Detroit Red Wings šŸ’ Team & win the Calder Cup Award Winner the same day in 2019 & 2022 respectively now. Going to be the next Niklaus Lidstrom at the Defenseman Position in the upcoming years ahead of Moritz Seider in the NHL. Good Rookie Season Overall To Remember Forever Now In Detroit. Credit GM Steve Yzerman on a job well done also too on the player development. Seeing good results from Moritz Seider.



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