2022 Colorado Avalanche 🏒 Team Stanley Cup Finals Champions.


Colorado Avalanche 🏒 Team 2022 Stanley Cup Champions on Sunday Night. Get a 2-1 victory over the 2-time Defending Stanley Cup Champions Tampa Bay Lightning on the road. Game 6 of the 2022 Stanley Cup Finals. End the season the right way. I give GM Joe Sakic & Head Coach Jared Bednar putting a good core together in the last few years already now in progress in Denver. See good results on the ice. Getting a good personnel on the ice together. Make good moves & other ones they like a lot. Seen so many improvements already now. Having a lot of good team players for this organization. Win there 3rd Stanley Cup Finals Championship 🏆 Title in Colorado Avalanche 🏒 Team History. Joe Sakic played on 2 of them in 1996 & 2001 as a player/Captain. 1 as a GM in 2022. Top 3 best NHL GM’s right now in Denver. Tampa Bay Lightning is a good team. They proved all of the experts wrong about the Colorado Avalanche not getting a good chance to be Stanley Cup Champions in 2022. Proved all of them wrong about the Colorado Avalanche 🏒 Team. Handled there business & execute the game plan & go from there on out. They deserve to be 2022 Stanley Cup Champions…… Congratulations on a fine season overall. Parade is going to be in Denver this week sometime.



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