Eric Hartsell Will Have A Much Better Squad In 2022 For The CPS Tigers Football Team……


Head Coach Eric Hartsell will have a much better squad in 2022 for the CPS Tigers Football Team. Despite losing Trenton Mitchell & Mason Gorman to Graduation. Both of them are replaceable guys indeed. Got a good 2023 & 2024 Class at CPS HS. Building a good program now in store at CPS. 2014 Kingston HS Graduate. Travis Miller is a nice piece they got a year ago from Jeremy Ferman’s system for the North Branch Broncos Football Team. Brings in excellent intensity & excitement to the kids. Hard core DC on the team. Good mindset of stuff he brings in now to the program for Head Coach Eric Hartsell. They will compete for a NCTL Championship Title this coming season. They are a hard working bunch of individuals. You will see better results on the field in 2022 then in 2021. Bringing the foundation to the CPS Tigers Football Team & Program now in store. Knows his Football very well. Players respect him on & off the field. Loves this sport….. Players love his ideas he brings on a day 2 day basis. Learn new things all the time. Look for the 2022 CPS Tigers Football Team……..



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