Luke Fickell Top 10 College Football Head Coaches In The Nation For The Cincinnati Bearcats…….


Luke Fickell is a Top 10 College Football Head Coach in the nation for the Cincinnati Bearcats Football Team. Doesn’t like to hear the squad lost a lot of talent off the team a year ago to Graduation & going to the 2022 NFL Draft. That is disrespectful to hear that one from Luke Fickell & his 2022 Cincinnati Bearcats Football Team. They got lots of good young talent on the roster now. Luke has build this one to a Perennial Powerhouse in College Football already now in progress. Program Builder Indeed. 4 straight season with 10+wins in a row in 2018-21. Can they do it for the 5th straight season in a row? That has to be seen yet in play in 2022. 13 wins school record in 2021. Back 2 Back American Athletic Conference Champions & go to the College Football Playoff for the 1st time in School History. Build a good Foundation & Culture already now in Cincinnati.



Desmond Ridder had a good 4-year career at QB for the Cincinnati Bearcats Football Team on Offense for Head Coach Luke Fickell. All-time leading total yards leader in the American Athletic Conference in passing & rushing. He can do it all at that QB position on Offense. 3-star recruit in the Class of 2017 out of HS in Louisville, Kentucky. Tommy Tuberville recruit. Once Tommy got fired as Head Coach in Cincinnati. Stayed with that commit with Luke Fickell instead. Worked very well for QB Desmond Ridder. Remarkable career to remember now. Now in the NFL with the Atlanta Falcons at the QB position for Head Coach Arthur Smith. 4th Rd Draft Pick in the 2022 NFL Draft in April. Offensive Coaches did a good job with Desmond’s development & also his abilities he brings to the table. Got him ready to play in the NFL now…….



Evan Prater will replace Desmond Ridder at the QB position in 2022 for the Cincinnati Bearcats Football Team on Offense for Head Coach Luke Fickell. Follow Desmond’s suit at the QB position on Offense this coming season. 4-star recruit in the Class of 2020 in the Cincinnati Area. Stay home instead. Athletic Pro-Style QB for this Offense they run now. Listen to details from Luke Fickell & the Offensive Coaches on the squad. Good running & throwing abilities. Saw that one on display a year ago in backup duty. Put that one on display this coming year for the fans, coaches, teammates, & everyone else too. Good mindset of that one & go all in. Ready to compete in the biggest stage in front of everyone else in attendance or watching him on TV. Getting the privilege to play for a Top 10 College Football Head Coach in the nation. Look out for the 2022 Cincinnati Bearcats Football Team once again…….. Don’t listen to the experts & everyone else too……. They will be who they are no matter what people say about them. They will be there to the end……



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