Top 10 Detroit Tigers Baseball Prospects……


I give former GM Al Avila credit on the 2 Manager Hires for this organization. Ron Gardenhire on October 19th, 2017. Did a good job with the Rebuilding Department in the Minor Leagues for the Detroit Tigers Baseball Farm System & develop the prospects a lot better then it was before then. AJ Hinch was a good hire on October 30th, 2020 at Comerica Park in Detroit was a good hire also too. Kept that trend going for more to come yet now. MLB Draft Picks have been unbelievable in the last 5 years in Detroit. Seeing a lot of them now in a Old English D Uniform now. Making there journey’s count now in the MLB. Unknown names never heard of. Doing very well in 2022 with the injuries they where dealing with all season long. Hoping to hire a good young GM outside the system this coming year. Keep AJ Hinch as Manager for this Ball Club for more years to come yet now still to come….. More good MLB Draft Picks in play to come yet for the Detroit Tigers Baseball Organization. Perfect hire they hired Ron Gardenhire & now AJ Hinch at the helm in Detroit…… Future is bright for this Ball Club. More work to do yet still to play for this team heading into the upcoming years…… Who is your favorite one of the 10 prospects in Detroit. That can succeed in the upcoming years at Comerica Park you are looking forward to seeing now in the future years……..



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