Dave LeVasseur Does A Good Job As Head Coach For The EPB Lakers Football Team……..


Head Coach Dave LeVasseur done a good job with the EPB Lakers Football Team in his 2nd year at the helm. Got a 47-6 win over Sandusky on Thursday Night at Lakers HS. Good 2023 Class in play now. Bring in that good Senior Leadership in the victory in the 2022 HS Football Opener in front of your home crowd. Run the Football, Play good Defense, Have good Special Teams, & Score TD’s. They did all of that one. Ethan Wissner & Mikel Good bring in that good Senior Leadership. Played very well in the ‘W’. Ethan Wissner suffered a ACL Knee Injury a year ago. Now back in action. Difference maker in the ‘W’. Good Team Win For The EPB Lakers. Build on that win & get ready for the Cass City Red Hawks on Thursday Night in Cass City. They are loaded indeed. Rivalry Game In The GTC Crossover Football Game To Start Labor Day Weekend On The Road. Keep doing your thing each & every week. Not satisfied with any outcome of any game you played in. Keep on going & go from there on out. Keep doing things the right way for this roster. Stay focus on task. Be smart & decisive about stuff. Go compete in practices & games. Go on the go at all-times. Take one day at a time & one practice & game at a time. Do things they want done right for this unit. Learn on stuff on the go. Go from there on out. Keep coming at them each & every week. Dave is the right guy for this job now…….



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