Chris Illitch Is Going To Hire A Good GM For The 2023 Detroit Tigers Baseball Team……..


Detroit Tigers Baseball Team Owner Chris Illitch will hire a good GM this coming off-season. He was force to fire GM Al Avila a couple of months ago. Been a disappoiting 2022 season for this Ball Club. Lots of injuries they where dealing with all season long. Seen lots of prospects shined on for this Ball Club in 2022. Got good young talent with the prospects in the Minor League Farm System right now. MLB Draft Picks have been unbelievable in the last 5 years. All started with Ron Gardenhire & now AJ Hinch at the helm now. Hired 2 good Managers in October of 2017 & 2020 respectively. Winning 77 games in 2021. This season is even worse then it was in 2021. Chris is going to hire a good GM this coming off-season. Going to be a good one out of the system one this time. Then we had in the system guy. Need to keep developing young players in the Minor League Farm System. Keep Drafting Good Players In The 2023 MLB Draft. Good GM in store now for the 2023 Detroit Tigers Baseball Team. They need to hire one for sure…… Keep the prospects in the system now in Detroit. Gotta have good players on this Ball Club. Build for the future…….



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