Scott Harris Now The President Of Operations For The Detroit Tigers Baseball Team…….


Scott Harris now the President of Operations for the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team in the Front Office. Owner Chris Illitch made a good hire on him Last Monday. With the Chicago Cubs in 2010-19 in that organization. 2016 World Series Champions & SS Javy Baez was on that squad that ended the curse in Game 7 of the 2016 World Series Game at Progressive Field in Cleveland. Beat the Cleveland Indians now the Guardians in extra innings. Now with the Detriot Tigers at SS. Went to the San Francisco Giants in 2020-22. Won the 2021 National League West Divisional Crown over the Los Angeles Dodgers. Lose to the Los Angeles Dodgers at Oracle Park in San Francisco in the NLDS in Game 5. Good with the young players. There is good talent in the Farm System now for the Detroit Tigers Minor League Teams. That was all started with Ron Gardenhire when he was Manager in 2018-20. AJ Hinch kept that trend going in the last 2 years. Need to keep him there for more to come yet. Good MLB Manager for this organization. There 60-92 on the season now. Playing for pride for this Ball Club. 10 games remaining on the schedule. Keep that momentum going to the off-season & into the 2023 campaign. Been good with the MLB Draft Picks in the last 5 years for the Old English D. Player Development is getting better each & every year. Gotta make trades this coming off-season. Keep making good MLB Draft Picks in 2023 in Detroit. Going to be a Top 3 MLB Draft Pick this coming summer. Scott is the right guy for this position. Knows how to build a winning culture in Chicago & San Francisco. Do it in Detroit in 2023-present. Go from Wrigley Field to Oracle Park & now Comerica Park. Replace Al Avila at that position. Clean a lot of mistakes Al made in 2015-22. Dave Dombrowski made a lot of mistakes as GM for Detroit in his tenure there too. Got fired as GM in Boston 3 years ago. Now in Philadelphia Phillies as GM. Scott Harris loves having Young Players in the system now in Detroit. Keep developing Spencer Torkelson & Riley Greene & other ones too. Great hire for sure now……



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