Al DeMott Tied With Frank Orlando For The Most Wins In Girls Basketball History In The State Of Michigan…….


Al DeMott tied Frank Orlando with 797 career wins as Head Coach for the Sandusky Wolves Girls Basketball Team. Got a 56-27 win over the Vassar Vulcans at Mark S. Hund Gymnasium & Al DeMott Court in Sandusky HS. GTC Crossover Game. Needs 1 more win to break the record. Like his chances of doing that one on Friday Night at USA HS. He is a Legend at Sandusky as a Player & Coach. Been a privilege to cover his games in the past years. I enjoy going to his games & see the girls shine in front of everyone else. Great supporter to this community. Respect for everyone else. Win with Dignity & Class. Dedicated individual guy year round. Awesome parents to take these girls to camps & other events. True Icon To Sandusky. Lots of fun moments to bring back to me now.

1999 Class C Quarterfinals at Mark S. Hund Gymnasium & Al DeMott Court. My Sister Susie hit the GW Go-Ahead Layup against Detroit CMA. Crowd went wild. Get a 42-39 win. Fans stormed the court. Awesome moment I never forget about that one. One of the best days you never forget about that one. Amazing memory to bring back forever now. Go to CMU & play for a Class C State Championship Game at Rose Arena in Mt. Pleasant, MI. That place was super full & nowhere to sit at. St. Ignace Saints had a good squad also too. Randi Johnson got the best of Julie Guttowsky. St. Ignace had a lot of good team speed. You cannot coach speed at all. You have it or you don’t. Sandusky had problem with the press & there speed. Good bunch of players on that squad. Got us that day 65-40. Speed kills in sports period. My sister had good speed. Good Defender & Shooter. She was a lefty on that squad. She was smart also too.

2005 Trio at Sandusky HS. Maria Gertsenberger, Melissa Chambers, & Stacie Maier. They went 62-9 overall record in there 3 years on Varsity for Head Coach Al DeMott. In 2002-04. 3-Peat as GTCE Division & Class C District Champions. They where one of my 10 favorite teams Al had out there in Sandusky in his 43 years at the helm. They where fun to watch out there. Good team players. Do it in the right way. Win with Dignity & Class.

2005 Brown City Green Devils Girls Basketball Game at Brown City HS in GTCE Division Action. Brown City had a good team out there with Misty Pichla, Kelly Burton, & Liz Bartle. They where down by 19 pts in the 1st half. Came back & won that game 70-64. Kept there hopes alive for a 4th straight GTCE Division Title. Went on to be GTCE Division Champions anyways. Al’s Daughter Allison was on that squad. Kayla Wadsworth was a Senior on that roster in Sandusky HS Class of 2006. I remember that comeback win at there house……

Coach 4 20-0 squads in 1994, 2006, 2017, & 2022. Bunch of good team players on all 4 teams Al had out there. All 4 of them won the Districts & play in the Regional Championship Game & lose all 4 times. Fun moments seeing them shine on.

Best one Al had was in 1987 with Lucreita LeGault & Lara Touchette. Finish 2nd in the TCC behind the Harbor Beach Pirates. Won the Class C District Crown. Finally got the Harbor Beach Pirates on there 3rd time charm in the Class C Regional Championship Game at Mayville HS. Lose in a closed game to the Detroit St. Martin DePorres Eagles at Goodrich HS. Finish the season at 23-3 overall record in 1987.

1992 squad had a heck of a team with Lamara LeGault was a Freshman. Keri Biniecki, Gwen Hull, Desiree DeMott, Marcy Dorman, Shelly Ziehm, Heather Shampo, & company. TCC, Class C District & Regional Champions. Had a 41-40 lead in the Class C Quarterfinal Game at Mayville HS. Detroit Country Day Girl stepped out of bounds along the sidelines. Lost the game 42-41. Almost got Frank Orlando in that game. Good squad Al DeMott had out there in 1992. 30 years ago. Good group of girls on that squad. Finish the season at 23-3 overall record in 1992.

March 11th, 2014 Class C Regional Semifinal Game at Sandusky HS. Took on the No. 1 Team in Class C Flint Hamady Hawks that was 23-0 vs Sandusky was 19-1 going into that game. Audrey Bracken, Miara Okie, Alyssa Webb, Erin Campbell, Brooke Krueger, Keegan Nelson, Hailey Gentry, Taylor Ball, & Freshman Jess Kursinsky. Best Regional Win in Al DeMott’s 43 year career in Sandusky. Get a 46-41 win over Flint Hamady. Crowd went wild on Alyssa Webb’s break away layup to close out the game the right way for Sandusky. Do it in front of your home crowd on hand. 2nd best win in Al’s career.

So many memories to share about that one for a long time coming now. Been a pleasure & privilege to cover his games. Win 797 games in his 43 years. Average 18 wins a season. 1973 Sandusky HS Graduated. Legendary Basketball Player & Coach at his Alma Mater. True Icon to this sport & community. Been fun time being there thru out the years. Been impressed of what he brings to the table. True Gentleman To Everyone Else. Been blessed to have him there now in Sandusky. Loyal guy to have in this community. Go about your business. Go from there on out. Take one day at a time. Hardest sport to win a State Championship is Basketball. Peck Pirates Girls Basketball Team did that one in 1986. Head Coach John Presnell did great things in Peck. John Presnell & Al DeMott are really good friends. Reunite with one another when they see another at a event or place. Al is the best no matter what people say. Great guy also too……..




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