Stetson Bennett IV Journey Has Been Unbelievable….


Stetson Bennett IV overcome a lot of problems in the past years. Got thru it in time. 26 years old right now. He had a good 2 years at QB for the Georgia Bulldogs 🏈 Team in Athens. Be Back 2 Back National Champions. Remarkable ride indeed. Counted for 6 Total TD’s in the National Championship Game on Monday Night at So-Fi Stadium in Los Angeles. 65-7 over the TCU Horned Frogs. Started with the Georgia Bulldogs 🏈 Team. Transfer back to JUCO for 2 years & went back to Athens once again. Injury he suffered a few years ago. 2020 season didn’t count at all COVID-19 Pandemic was going on that time being. Finish the last 2 years. Go 26-1 as a Starting QB in the last 2 years. This season go 15-0 overall record. Head Coach Kirby Smart is going to miss Stetson Bennett IV for good. Been a long time coming now for QB Stetson Bennett IV. Remember lots of good memories in the future years ahead of him now. Look back at this season. Comeback Wins against the Missouri Tigers in Columbia & Ohio State Buckeyes on New Years Eve at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. Bring back these things to come yet now. One shining moment starts now. 29-1 overall record in the last 2 years. OC Todd Monken did a fabulous job with that unit all season long. Back 2 Back National Champions. 1st ever Walk-On QB in College 🏈 History to win Back 2 Back National Champions. Nobody is perfect. Stetson Bennett IV got it done right.



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