Reese Olson Solid Against The Minnesota Twins At Comerica Park In Detroit…..

Reese Olson gets his 1st MLB win for the Detroit Tigers ⚾ Team on Saturday Night at Comerica Park in Detroit. Go 5 1/3 innings & 9 strikeouts in the “W” over the Minnesota Twins. Get a must win scenario they needed out there anyways.

Got him from the Milwaukee Brewers 2 years ago. Drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers in the 13th Rd of the 2018 MLB Draft. Got him straight out of HS in the State of Georgia. 23 years old.

Reese Olson will remember his 1st career MLB win for a long time coming now. Bullpen got the job done right in this game. Alex Lange in the clutch. Big one in the 8th inning. With 2 outs & bases loaded. Alex got a clutch strikeout he needed really bad. Foul tip to the catcher for strike 3. Stranded them loaded. Big one they needed out there anyways.

Chris Fetter is doing a good job with that Pitching Staff he has now. Doing good work for what they have in store. Lots of injuries they have out there. Doing a good job with that unit in the last 2 years.

Got Reese enough runs support to get the win on Saturday Night. Scored 3 runs in the 2nd inning. All they needed out there. Hitting department has been miserable in the last 2 years. Miguel Cabrera’s contract is coming to an end after the 2023 campaign is over. Retiring after the season is over.

AJ Hinch is doing a good job with that roster he has in store. It is not his fault. Working with the players he has to work with now in Detroit. Lots of young players learning the MLB level. Never satisfied at all period. Keep improving as a team each & everyday.

Lose 4-1 on Friday Night against the Minnesota Twins. Bounce back nicely on Saturday Night get a must win scenario for this squad. They took 3 of 4 against this squad last weekend at Target Field in Minneapolis. Series finale for teams on Sunday is going to be at 12:10 PM instead of 1:10 PM.

Detroit Tigers ⚾ Team has done good work against the Minnesota Twins & American League Central Division in 2023. That Division is really weak once again now for the 2nd straight year in a row.

Ron Gardenhire did good work for the Minnesota Twins ⚾ Team in 2002-14. Also with the Detroit Tigers ⚾ Team in 2018-20.

Ron started revamping, rebuilding, redeveloping, teach fundamentals of the game of ⚾. Good guy to have him there anyways. Did a good job with both teams in the past years.

AJ Hinch is following Ron Gardenhire’s footsteps in Detroit. MLB Draft Picks have been good in the last 5 years. See a good 2023 MLB Draft this summer. Lots of injuries in play now. Building for the future. Take a couple of years to get to where they wanna be at now……

33-42 on the 2023 MLB season. Been rebuilding since 2015….. Scott Harris & Rob Metzler are fixing the problems on the Dave Dombrowski’s mistakes he made out there. Al Avila’s mistakes as well too. Figuring out how to get things done right for this organization in the upcoming years ahead. Make some good ideas work. Keep developing the prospects in the upcoming years for the Detroit Tigers ⚾ Team…..


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