Mr. Kurt Dennis Is Now The Superintendent At Sandusky Community Schools…….

Mr. Kurt Dennis is now the Superintendent at Sandusky Community Schools. Really good Girls Basketball Coach for the Bad Axe Hatchets for 5 years. Guide them win the Division 3 District Championship Title in 2020. HS Principal at Bad Axe for 10 years. Taught Science at Bad Axe HS from 2001-13. Math Teacher at Cass City Middle School for 4 years. JV Girls Basketball Coach for the Cass City Red Hawks for a couple of years. Help out John Meharg during that time being. Help out the Marlette Red Raiders Girls Basketball Team for one year with Head Coach Fred Mrozek in 1998. Math & Science he taught at both schools in the past years. Guide him to success as a HS Principal in Bad Axe. He’ll do a good job as Superintendent in Sandusky. Very nice guy as well too. Good personality & has good common sense about things too. Well liked at Marlette, Cass City, & Bad Axe. He will be liked in Sandusky. Change some things around. Make things interesting & fun for the kids to succeed. Good sensible guy like Mr. Kurt Dennis in Sandusky. Like his common sense stuff. Let’s get fired up on this hire. Excellent job by the School of Education on hiring a good guy like Kurt is to everyone else. Make a good difference people’s lives we live in now. Get things change up. Fix a lot of Paul Flynn’s mistakes he made out there in the past years. Good HS Principal in Sandusky now in Ryan Palmer. Great hire they made out there in May. Steve Carlson took a new position at the Huron ISD Director of General Education in Bad Axe. Community is going to be excited for more years to come. Has a good relationship with Al DeMott in the past years. Been a fan of Al for a longtime. Al is had the best of Kurt everytime they hit the court against one another. Had a big lead on Sandusky 2 years ago. Lost the game by one point in Sandusky in December of 2020. Covering that game. Dandy one for sure…… Al finds a good way to get the job done right at all times…….. Doesn’t know how to lose these games…….. Kurt will be seeing Al’s games this season in Sandusky…….



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