Miguel Cabrera Amazing Memories Against The New York Yankees……

Got a souvenir on Tuesday Night before the game started. Lots of good memories in the past years for the Florida Marlins & Detroit Tigers Baseball Team in his amazing 20 years in the MLB. Living Baseball Legend. From Venezuela. Love there Baseball in Venezuela. Join these players from Venezuela that had good success in the past years. One of the best of all-times. Hall of Famer.

Hitting a HR off of the Greatest Closer of all-times in Mariano Rivera in 2013 at Yankees Stadium in Bronx, New York. Remember watching that one on TV. 10 years ago. The best of the best went at it one final time. Hit a HR to RF in Game 2 of the ALDS in 2011. HR in 2003 off of Roger Clemens in a Florida Marlins Uniform. Also his MLB Rookie season. Win there 2nd World Series Title in Franchise History in 2003. Beat the Yankees in 6 games at the Old Yankees Stadium in the Bronx. 20 years ago.

Miguel Cabrera got a good round of applause before the game started on Tuesday Night. Going to retire after the season is over. Had a RBI Base Hit off of Gerrit Cole to tie the game at 1 run apiece. Lost the game 5-1. Lots of awesome memories from Miggy in his amazing 20 years with the Florida Marlins & Detroit Tigers Baseball Team in his 20 MLB season. Going to be missed for good…….



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