Brad Holmes Done Excellent Work As GM For The Detroit Lions 🏈 Team….
Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes, left, and head coach Dan Campbell speak during an NFL football practice in Allen Park, Mich., Saturday, May 14, 2022. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

GM Brad Holmes done a excellent job with the Detroit Lions 🏈 Team in his 3rd year at the helm. NFL Draft picks has been unbelievable in the last 3 years. Free Agent Pickups & trades they made out there. Got a great culture in progress now. Lots of good young talented players in this organization. You got, Head Coach Dan Campbell doing a excellent job with that roster. Right guy for this position he is at now. See more good NFL Drafts in 2024. I trust the front office for the Detroit Lions 🏈 Team. Sold out Ford Field in Detroit for the 1st time ever. 10-4 on the season. Getting closed to winning the NFC North Division Crown. Last time they won it was in 1993. 30 years ago. Job ain’t done yet. More to play for yet to come. Heading in the right direction. Chris Spielman & Brad Holmes are reliable guys to have in the front office. They know their, 🏈 very well. Know which players to take in the NFL Draft & other ones too. They believe in, Head Coach Dan Campbell as well too. One of the 10 best Head Coaches in the NFL. True Detroit Lions 🏈 Man in charge. Went 9-8 a year ago & now their 10-4 on the season. They have improved that roster in the last 3 years. Get some more young talented players in the 2024 NFL Draft in April. We believe in GM Brad Holmes & Head Coach Dan Campbell at Ford Field in Detroit. They changed a lot of things already now in progress. Taking strides of being a “Elite NFL Team” in the upcoming years ahead. Good 🏈 brains in charge now in Detroit……. Brad Holmes is one of the 5 best NFL GM’s right now. Culture has changed & get even better for more years to come yet still to come at Ford Field in Detroit. Packing that place for the 1st time ever. Since they open Ford Field up in 2002. Small economy they are dealing with now in Michigan. Still, pack that place up to see those Detroit Lions 🏈 Team play out there anyways. Saw them get a 42-17 win over the Denver Broncos on Saturday Night. Leave Ford Field with a “W” in the column.


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