Dalaney Gage Good 3-Sport Athlete For The Marlette Red Raiders In The Class Of 2024……

Dalaney Gage is a good competitor for the Marlette Red Raiders in all 3 sports. Wants to win for everyone else on the roster. God given athletic ability she was born to do out there. Win the classroom & also in sporting practices & games. Loves to play in this spotlight. Coaches love to her on all 3 sports teams. Brandi Bishop, Cathy Storm, & Zach Kady love having her on the roster. Dedicated at everything she does out there. Go from there on out. Gives it 110% at every sport she does out there. Win at the end of the day. Going to the Northwood Timberwolves Softball Team to play in the Division 2 Level next season in Midland. Softball is her best sport she is best at playing out there. Good pitcher on the Varsity. Got a niece that will be an athlete in the upcoming years ahead. Her brother played on the Division 4 Semifinal Team for the 2021 Marlette Red Raiders Baseball Team for Head Coach Dave Hayden. Graduated in 2021 at Marlette HS. Won the GTCE Division Crown win the Division 4 District Title. Win there 1st ever Regional Championship Title in School History. Living in the Thumb Area right now. Help out the Family Farm. Does watch Dalaney play sports also too. Loves to win at every sport she does out there. Inspire everyone else at every sport she does out there. Have a good mindset of that sport. Staying active on your thing you are doing now. Michigan State Spartans Sports Fan…….


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