Brynn Polega Was Unbelievable In The Division 4 State Tournament In The Last 3 Weeks For The USA Patriots Softball Team.

Brynn Polega was unbelievable for the USA Patriots Softball Team for Head Coach Isaiah Gainforth as a Sophomore in the last 3 weeks. She was pitching amazing for the squad. They outscored there opponents 72-4 in this Division 4 State Tournament. She was brilliant in the Division 4 State Championship Game against the Kalamazoo Christian Comets at MSU in East Lansing, MI on Saturday. Strikeout 15 Batters in the State Championship Game. Guide the USA Patriots Softball Team to win there 6th State Championship Game in School & Program History. Learning how to pitch as Sophomore. Replacing Katie Engelhardt isn’t a easy one at all. She replace her very nicely on the mound. That is Brynn Polega’s Favorite Sport is Softball. She is in the Top 5 all-times in Strikeouts in a State Championship Game on Saturday against the No. 2 Ranked Squad in the State in Division 4 Kalamazoo Christian Comets. Held them to 1 run in the victory. Brynn is a good athlete. Dedicated Softball Player. That is her best sport she is good at. She also was on the State Runner-Up Volleyball Squad for the USA Patriots this past season in Division 3. Played on the Division 3 District Championship Team on Basketball Team also this past season. She is going to be a junior this coming fall. She goes about her business all the time. Got to cover her Softball Game in the District Championship Game against the Ubly Bearcats at USA HS 2 weeks ago. Good academic student too. She is developing to be a good pitcher for the USA Patriots Softball Team for Head Coach Isaiah Gainforth. Enjoyed seeing her pitch in District Championship Game against the Ubly Bearcats. Not the best squad they had in School History. They played with a lot of heart & desire they want to win really bad. They did that one. Win there 6th State Championship Title in School & Program History. They believe in one another they can do the job done for the team needed the most. Head Coach Isaiah Gainforth is super proud of his team in 2019.

Congratulations To Brynn Polega On Your Performance In The Division 4 State Championship Game Against The No. 2 Ranked Squad In The State The Kalamazoo Christian Comets At MSU In East Lansing, MI On Saturday. In A 3-1 Victory. Striking Out 15 Batters. Top 5 On The All-Time List In Strikeouts In A State Championship Game Too. USA Is Good. Fantastic Job On The Mound. See You In The Next 2 Season.

Go USA Patriots Softball Team Brynn Polega‚Ķ. Have A Good Summer. See You In Volleyball Season…

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